Understanding Insurance Claims

Six Mistakes That Could Make A Motorcycle Insurance Claim Necessary

Motorcycle insurance is a necessity, if you're an avid rider. However, you're inevitably going to want to avoid having to file claims to stay safe and to make it more convenient to enjoy your motorcycle.

By avoiding certain riding mistakes, you can minimize the chances that you'll go through an accident that requires filing an insurance claim. The following are six mistakes to avoid that could prevent you from dealing with a motorcycle insurance agency and making an insurance claim necessary:

Riding close to other vehicles

It's always important to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, out on the road. Don't allow yourself to get carried away by the thrill of the ride. 

It's not just important to keep your distance while you're on highways or roads going at high speeds. You also want to maintain your distance when you're merging, navigating parking lots, and coming to a stop at red lights. 

Not having antilock brakes

These days, a lot of bike models offer antilock brakes that are great for accident prevention, when you're riding in slick conditions. 

Investing in antilock brakes isn't just about staying safe and preventing accidents. It can also make you eligible for various motorcycle insurance discounts. 

Neglecting your mirrors

Riders sometimes get into the bad habit of overlooking their mirrors. Your side view mirrors are vitally important tools, while you're riding. 

You need to get into the habit of checking these mirrors every single time you merge or change lanes. Side view mirrors allow you to see oncoming vehicles and keep you informed about obstacles around you while you're riding. 

Being distracted while riding

It's easy to become distracted by the scenery, when you're riding. However, being focused and alert is extremely important, when it comes to avoiding accidents that could require insurance claims and compromise your safety. 

Those who enjoy motorcycle riding tend to crave freedom and the thrill of the open road. However, staying focused is always important for avoiding accidents and staying safe. 

Riding too fast

Although bikers tend to be thrill seekers, it's always important to keep your speed reasonable, to prevent accidents. Be aware of speed limits, and let them influence your riding habits, to keep yourself at safe speeds. 

Being unaware of proper brake usage

One bad habit that some riders fall into is not keeping their hands prepared for braking at any given moment. It's important to keep your hands prepared to apply both front and rear brakes at all times, to ensure quick reactions that could prevent accidents and save lives.