Understanding Insurance Claims

Why You Might Want to Buy Insurance From an Independent Agency

Carrying insurance on one thing or another is just a part of life. You might not like the idea of shelling out money every month for something you won't technically use unless something goes wrong, but the moment things do go sideways, you'll be grateful that you have enough coverage to help you recover from the situation. There are many different ways to obtain insurance these days, and plenty of different insurance companies out there to compete for your business. But today, instead of going with a specific insurer, you might first want to look into the benefits of contacting an independent insurance agency. Here's why getting your insurance needs handled by an independent agent instead of one who only works for one insurer might be in your best interest.

Find the Best Price Across All Possible Insurers

If you want to find the best price for your insurance, you might have to end up contacting multiple different insurance agents. This is because an agent that works for one specific company will only be able to offer you the best deal from that specific insurer. What's worse is that each agent employed by a specific insurer might tell you that their company is less expensive than the next simply because that's what they are trained to do. But when you use an independent insurance agency, your agent will be able to actually research the current premiums of every available agency at once. They'll give you a print out of all of the available options and you'll be able to clearly see what the lowest price is and if that price comes with any trade-offs. You can quickly analyze the prices of multiple companies at once while only having to talk to one person.

Go for a Same Company Discount But Don't Be Afraid to Mix and Match Based on Your Needs

When you work with an agent employed by one insurer, they will likely talk you up on the benefits of covering multiple different things, like say, having your house and your car insured by the same insurance company. It's true that this could get you a discount, but in some cases, it might be more beneficial for your specific situation to mix and match policies across different companies.

For example, maybe you live somewhere where you need hurricane insurance added to your regular home insurance policy. Your current auto insurance provider might offer a home policy, but if it doesn't include a hurricane policy, it's not going to help you when you might need it most. An independent insurance agent can balance getting you multi-policy discounts with the same firm with your specific needs as a family. In some cases, the extra discount might not be worth it if going in another direction will lead to more complete coverage