Understanding Insurance Claims

3 Steps On How To File For An Insurance Claim

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. But if you have an insurance policy, you shouldn't worry about the repercussions that follow after the accident. The policy covers you from such unfortunate occurrences. When involved in a motor accident, you should file for an auto insurance claim for compensation if you have an insurance policy. 

If you don't know how to go about the process, continue reading to know the procedure.

1. Call the Local Authorities

The filing of the claim starts with the police. Call the local authorities and let them record the details of the accident. A police report is of great importance in filing for an insurance claim. Depending on your state, you can also file an accident report with the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

While at the scene of the accident, avoid taking responsibility for the accident. Do not accept that you were in the wrong as the other driver can use this information to sue you in court and win. Instead, record your statement and contact your lawyer if the need arises. 

2. Take Note of the Accident Details 

Document all you can from the accident scene. You can also ask witnesses present at the scene to give you their details and encounter with the accident. Ensure you take a photo of the other driver's license, their address, and name. Do not forget to write down their insurance policy number and the details of their car. 

Also, take a photo of the scene of the accident from appropriate angles. If you sustained any injuries, ensure the doctor gives you a medical report and bill related to the sustained injuries. You can use these reports as evidence to your insurer.

3. Contact Your Auto Insurer and File an Insurance Claim

Once you are safe from the accident scene, contact your insurance company. They usually have insurance specialists who handle such matters. These experts will tell you the requirements needed to file the insurance claim. 

Once you have contacted the insurance specialist and have all the needed information to file a claim, go ahead and do so. Most insurance providers use platforms such as a mobile app or their website as places where you can file an insurance claim. Upon receiving your claim, the insurer will send a claim specialist to investigate the accident. If they are authentic, you will get compensation from the insurance company. 

When involved in an accident and you have an auto insurance policy, file for an insurance claim. Follow the above procedure to get compensation from your auto insurer.