Will Your Homeowner's Insurance Cover Injuries From A Dog Bite?

If your dog ran out and attacked a pedestrian walking by your home, this person might end up suing you for the damages. When this happens, you will probably wonder if your homeowner's insurance will cover the costs of the damages. To answer this question, here are several things you should know about home insurance and dog-bite injuries. Most Homeowner's Policies Offer Liability Coverage When you purchase homeowner's insurance, it typically comes with liability coverage.

3 Important Times To Update Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Your homeowner's insurance is like a safety net. When you own your property and something damaging happens, your insurance ensures that the damages are covered so you are not left paying the bill on your own. While most homeowners know that home insurance is highly important, many pick up a policy and never make any changes to it at all. This can be a big mistake for several reasons. Take a look at some of the situations that can happen as a homeowner which should signal you to update your house insurance policy.

3 Reasons To Purchase Rental Car Coverage On Your Insurance Policy

When purchasing car insurance, you may be given the option to add certain extras to your policy. For example, you might be asked if you would like to pay for rental car coverage. What this means is that your car insurance company will pay for a rental car for you in certain situations, such as if you get into a car accident. You might be thinking about opting out of this additional coverage, but if you are like many drivers, it might be a good idea for you to add it on to your policy.

Learn How To Choose The Right Insurance For Your Small Business

When you own a business, having business insurance is essential. It can protect you from going into major debt if something happens at or to your business. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about the insurance you purchase for your business. Choose a Reasonable Deductible There are many business owners who make the mistake of choosing an insurance policy that has a very high deductible so that they can pay as little as possible for the insurance on a monthly basis.

Why You Need Adequate Insurance As A General Contractor

If you are a general contractor, then you probably have a lot of concerns on your mind. One thing that you might not have put enough thought into, however, is purchasing commercial insurance. If this is the case, then it's very important to consider purchasing coverage. These are a few reasons why it's so important for general contractors to be adequately covered. 1. Give Customers Peace of Mind For one thing, you probably want to do what you can to make customers and potential customers happy and to make them feel more comfortable with hiring your business.

Adding Umbrella Insurance To Your Policy

Liability insurance covers you in the case of an accident, but it only covers you up to a certain amount of money. Many people want more protection than what their liability insurance covers, and that's where umbrella insurance comes in.  What is umbrella insurance? Umbrella insurance adds extra liability coverage to your auto insurance policy.  Every auto policy has a certain amount of liability coverage that will cover property damage and bodily injury up to a certain point.